Vote YES on Local Law No. 1 Water Quality, Working Farms,
Wildlife Habitat and Natural Areas Preservation Fund.

Investing in clean drinking water

Nothing is more important than clean water. Local Law No. 1 will safeguard natural areas and will ensure our rivers, lakes, streams, and drinking water are clean.

Protect our economy by protecting our natural assets

Our outdoor recreation is a major economic asset. Vote YES to protect our natural assets and our economy.

Protecting New Paltz for future generations

We need to do our part to ensure our children and grandchildren can enjoy clean water, natural areas, local farms, and wildlife habitats. Local Law No. 1 will preserve New Paltz’s beautiful natural landscapes before it’s too late.

VOTE YES on Local Law No. 1 for the future of New Paltz.
VOTE YES early Oct. 24—Nov. 1 or at the polls on Nov. 3.
VOTE YES and mail in your absentee ballot.
Authorized and Paid for by Vote Yes New Paltz Campaign for Clean Water, Working Farms, and Natural Areas.
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